Rent heat instead of buying it

Mittels energieeffizienter Heizung bis zu 20 % an Energiekosten sparen. Wir investieren für Immobilienbesitzer in eine Modernisierung der vorhandenen Heizung und liefern günstige Energie.

Our contracting model – our services

Heating system modernisation

We’ll modernise your heating system and install a new one if necessary. You save both energy and costs.
Sie sparen Energie und Kosten.

We pay for regular maintenance and repairs

We ensure that maintenance is carried out on schedule and our mechanics take care of any necessary repairs. You don't need to worry about anything.

Fixed monthly payments

You pay a fixed monthly payment in advance for the term of your heating contract.

Low-cost heat

We supply you with energy and provide you with low-cost heat.

We take care of the insurance premiums

We pay for your heating system’s insurance.

Contracting with a CHP heating system

We invest in both the CHP and the heating system’s modernisation.

Which costs do you incur as a contracting customer?

With our heat contracting, you only pay a monthly flat rate over the entire contract term. This flat rate covers all investments for modernisation and maintenance costs.

The monthly payments are based on your consumption at contractually agreed standing charges and kW rates.


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    Thermostatkopfventil für Heizungsprojekt

    The benefits from contracting heat

    No investment costs

    sense electra will pay for the new unit. Your keep your cash flow intact.

    Low-cost energy

    Modernising your heating system will cut your energy costs.

    High operational reliability

    A new heating system will minimise the risk of your heating failing. And should it break down, we provide an emergency service to have it fixed.

    Heat contracting with a CHP

    We also offer a contracting model that includes a CHP heating system. In addition to modernising your heating system, we’ll also invest in the installation of a combined heat and power unit if it’s economically viable for your property. We’ll take care of the planning, commissioning, registration, billing and maintenance.

    You then conclude an energy supply contract with us. If your property is a residential complex with several tenants, your tenants will receive an offer from us to purchase low-cost electricity from the on-site combined heat and power unit.

    Heizung wird reguliert

    Get a new heating system without any investment costs

    sense electra will provide you with a new and energy-efficient heating system, without any investment costs of your own. This can also be done in combination with a new CHP heating system. In addition, we’ll supply you with a low-cost heat supply while providing you with low-cost gas at the same time. As a contractor, we’ll also take on other obligations associated with running a heating system.

    As your contractor, we’ll be responsible for the boiler system, buffer storage, gas and electricity meters, billing, registration, and deregistration. As the building’s owner, you are then only responsible for the heat distribution system.

    You pay us the costs of your energy consumption and a pre-determined monthly flat rate for our service.

    Our offer is aimed at owners of residential properties and commercial buildings.

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      Schreiben Sie uns Ihre Anliegen - wir melden uns bei Ihnen!


      Bitte beachten Sie unsere Datenschutzbestimmungen.