The right CHP unit for your business

Take a look at the various industrial sectors and discover the benefits of a CHP unit in each case.

Here is an overview of the various industries that can economically benefit from a combined heat and power unit (CHP) and save on energy costs.


Large CHP units have been a tried-and-tested source of energy in industrial plants for many years already. Industrial plants require a high amount of energy. Moreover, the waste heat can be used to power production processes.

Property and housing

The real estate industry can gain enormous benefits from a CHP unit. Housing developers, housing cooperatives and homeowners’ associations can save both energy costs and CO2 emissions.2-Abgase einsparen.

Hotels and guesthouses

Hotels have a high all-year demand for electricity and heat, for example for bathroom equipment and heating. Hotel restaurants also require a lot of electricity. On the other hand, it does not make economic sense to operate a CHP unit at hotels which only open seasonally.


In many cases, as there is also a high demand for heat and electricity in agriculture, especially in animal husbandry, which can benefit from installing a CHP unit. The CHP units can also be paired with biogas plants.


A combined heat and power unit can significantly reduce energy costs in hospitals. Due to the high energy consumption throughout the year, operating a CHP unit at a hospital can be economically beneficial.

Public swimming pools

A CHP unit can also be used efficiently at swimming pools. Due to the enormous demand for hot water for showers or to heat the pool water, a CHP system is extremely useful for swimming pools.

Retirement homes/care facilities

Retirement and nursing homes need a lot of energy all year round. Installing a CHP unit here can help reduce energy costs because of the high demand for heat, hot water for bathing facilities, and a constant need for lighting.

In short: That’s what makes a CHP worth it!

Compared to generating power and heat conventionally, you can save up to 40% on primary energy costs with a CHP unit.

CHP units have an efficiency of up to 90%.

A CHP unit makes you less dependent on rising electricity prices.

A CHP unit supplies future-proof energy and contributes to preserving natural resources.

CHP units generate both heat and electricity.

If you decide to install a CHP unit, you can get financial assistance

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