Günstige Tarife
für Gewerbestrom

Do you consume more than 100,000 kWh of electricity per year? Is your company based in Germany? Then we’ll find low-cost electricity and the right electricity tariff for your company!

What we offer:

  • Price comparison – free of charge
  • Low-cost electricity tariffs
  • You are under no obligation to purchase

Get your customised electricity tariff to the latest conditions now!

Stromtarife für Abnahmemengen über 100.000 kWh

    How you benefit from our energy tariffs

    You get your own personal contact person

    We’ll check for any potential (tax) benefits

    We’ll switch supplier contracts and contract stipulations on your behalf

    You’ll receive a monthly evaluation of your load profile

    Energiekosten senken durch günstige Gewerbestromtarife

    To be able to ensure our customers a reliable electricity supply, we work with long-standing partners. Our electricity tariffs depend on current electricity market conditions and your energy consumption. With a focus on renewable energies and modern CHP technology, we purchase electricity from various sources, such as directly on the electricity exchange, and we also produce our own. This enables us to offer you low-cost electricity and heat tariffs, regardless of your industrial sector.

    We will send you an offer for an alternative energy supplier - free of charge and without obligation. When you switch energy suppliers, we’ll take care of the administration involved when switching suppliers.

    Steigende Münzstapel und leuchtende Glühlampe

    Compare electricity prices and get a quote for low-cost electricity - customised, free of charge, and with no purchase obligation.

    Compare electricity prices and get a quote for low-cost electricity - customised, free of charge, and with no purchase obligation.

    How to take advantage of our energy tariffs

    Zahl 1 - dunkelgruen

    Send us your request with postcode and consumption

    Zahl 2 - dunkelgruen

    Wir finden - We’ll find the cheapest electricity tariff in your region. in Ihrer Region.

    Zahl 3 - dunkelgruen

    Sie You receive an individual, , gas tariff – at no cost. You receive an individual, customised energy tariff – at no cost. Energietarif.

    Zahl 4 - dunkelgruen

    You switch to a new energy supplier and pay less for your energy.

    Strommast vor blauem Himmel auf grünem Feld

    Our low-cost tariffs

    Thanks to both our many contacts and long-standing relationships with various energy suppliers as well as a large network of partners, we can find your business a low-cost electricity tariff.

    Our electricity experts always keep an eye on price developments on the EEX, the electricity exchange in Leipzig.

    Suitable low-cost gas tariffs -

    we’ll help you lower your energy costs.