Energy services for all types of companies and sectors

We offer commercial and industrial customers a wide range of energy services. This allows companies to choose between different options to reduce their energy consumption costs.

Our energy services

Combined heat and power units (CHPs)

A CHP unit works on the principle of cogeneration. This means that it generates both heat and electricity at the same time. Installing a CHP unit can save companies considerable amounts of primary energy because the units operate so efficiently.

sense electra advises, plans and installs combined heat and power units for companies, industrial sites, and the property sector. These can either be purchased or rented from us. We also lease CHPs and will bear the costs for the investment, maintenance, and management, among other things.

BHKW in einem Heizungsraum
Immobilie mit effizienter Energienutzung

Heat supply and heat contracting

Our heat contracting offers you a comprehensive energy supply solution. If necessary, we’ll modernise your existing heating systems at no cost.
Wir modernisieren bestehende Heizanlagen. Bei Bedarf erhalten unsere Kunden eine neue Heizung, ohne dass ihnen eigene Investitionskosten entstehen.

Durch die Maßnahmen können die Energiekosten dauerhaft bis zu 20 % gesenkt werden. Weiterhin garantieren wir für eine sichere Wärmeversorgung. Abgesehen davon umfasst unsere Energiedienstleistung auch alle Aufgaben, die im Zusammenhang mit dem Betrieb der Heizung stehen, von der Wartung der Heizung bis zu Reparaturen.

Buy and rent a photovoltaic system / Sell solar power

We plan and construct solar power systems for commercial and industrial customers. Our energy services include the installation of turnkey photovoltaic systems, which you can either purchase or rent from us. If you prefer to rent a photovoltaic system, we’ll pay you for the space that it takes up on your premises.

Moreover, commercial customers can also sell their surplus solar power to us.

PV-Anlage auf Freifläche mit blauem Himmel
Smart Meter

Smart metering points

We use the latest generation of electricity meters - smart meters – to operate metering points. This intelligent metering system combines a modern calibrated measuring device with a communication unit.

This allows metering data to be visualised and viewed online. We’ll take care of the installation, commissioning and management.

Energy audits

The purpose of an energy audit is to measure a company’s energy consumption. Energy audits help you to recognise where you can save energy and how you can reduce your energy consumption. Larger and affiliated companies are legally obliged to carry out energy audits on a regular basis, but this doesn’t apply to every type of company.

We’ll check whether you’re obliged to carry out an energy audit – if so, we can also take care of it for you if required.

Digitalisierung des Effizienzhauses
Moderne Anlagen aus Stahl

Energy management systems

Introducing an energy management system will sustainably improve your company’s energy efficiency. It is similar to an energy audit, but more comprehensive. Introducing an energy management system will lead to a permanent and consistent reduction in energy costs.

Our energy services include the full implementation of an energy management system.

Energy certificates

Energy certificates contain important information about a building’s energy efficiency. In addition to energy consumption, it also includes information about a building's energy modernisation requirements. An energy certificate is required, for example, when selling or re-letting a residential property. However, there are also exceptions for buildings that do not require an energy certificate.

Whether you require a support certificate or a “guarantee of origin” certificate, we’ll issue you the appropriate energy certificate for the property in question.

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Low-cost electricity and heat tariffs

As an energy service company, we broker low-cost electricity and gas contracts to businesses. Through our partner network, we can get attractive conditions for commercial customers. All we need is the postcode, the region to which the energy should be supplied, and the number of kilowatt hours required.

By the way: our price quotes are always free of charge and without any obligation.

Electricity and gas audits

We’re very familiar with electricity and gas bills and how to invoice them accurately. Energy bills are made up of different billing procedures, which often makes them complicated to check.

We’ll be glad to thoroughly check a larger number of energy bills e.g. for housing management companies.

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